Research Topics

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Solid State NMR spectroscopy

Main Research Areas:



We synthesize well-defined material that can be used in heterogeneous systems. Main focus is the synthesis of porous catalysts based on alumosilicates, understanding of modification mechanisms and aimed syntheses of materials with defined properties. Our characterization abilities are used to improve and understand the synthesis of such materials.



The group uses state-of-the-art characterization techniques as X-ray diffraction, gas physisorption, and chemical analysis. Advanced characterization methods like FT-IR, DRIFTS, and our main tool solid-state NMR are used. One key research field of the group is the development of new characterization techniques for MAS NMR based on molecular probes.



After synthesis and characterization the materials‘ reactivity is tested.  For instance, the application as catalyst in heterogeneous reactions. Currently, the group focuses on gas-phase transformations of renewable chemicals into bulk products. Research fields are thus activation of methane and the transformation of alcohols (methanol, ethanol) into bulk chemicals.

SEM of Unknown Deposits on a Zeolite.

We Develop and Apply Advanced Characterization Tools that Help Researchers in Gaining a more Detailed Picture of Solid Catalysts and Adsorbents.

The overreaching goal:

Understanding the Properties of porous Solids, Functional Surfaces and their Interaction with Molecules for Characterization and Catalysis